Can I Get my Home Redecorated During the COVID-19 lockdown?

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For the latest update, as of June 2020, please click here to see how we can now help during the Coronavirus Pandemic, as we get back to work!

Below if the original article that has now been superseded…..

A lot of people have been asking us, can I have my home redecorated during the current lockdown restrictions within the COVID-19 pandemic?

Guidance is vague, and there are few updates from within the painting and decorating industry.

So here are our thoughts and details of how we at Lets Decorate are operating during these unprecedented times.

Can Painters and Decorators work on my home during lockdown?

Messages have been mixed, and seemingly continually modified, regarding who and what can and can’t be done during the lockdown period.

However a statement by Michael Gove was that carrying out construction tasks involving ‘contact in someone’s home’, including renovations on a house where the occupants are still living, would be ‘inappropriate’.

At Lets Decorate we wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment, and in fact really feel it should be clearer and stronger. Like other grandparents, my mother, who lives alone, can not visit me and her grandchildren during this period, so there can not conceivably be a reason why a visit to paint a customers home is a possibility.

Although there are obviously some trades where their visit would certainly be considered urgent (a heating engineer to attend to a broken boiler for example) we do not feel that a painting and decorating company in Oxford can be considered in the same bracket.

What can be done now to plan my Oxford painting and decorating project?

As with many other people, I have plenty of time on my hands at the moment and would be more than happy to assist anybody planning, or even in the early stages of considering, their next painting and decorating project in Oxfordshire.

We are able to carry out remote meetings via Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp or Facetime to discuss your requirements and have a virtual tour. This will enable us to get an estimate over to you quickly, and should you wish to proceed, place you at the front of the queue once restrictions are lifted.

I’m a Landlord of a vacant property. Can this be redecorated now?

The only exception that we feel can be made is when preparing an empty property for new occupiers to move in – either a rental home or following completion of sale.

In fact, now may well be the perfect time to undertake such work.

If your rental property is currently vacant, and without a new tenant lined up to move in, it may be a little while before viewings are in full swing and a new tenancy agreed.

So using the time to freshen up the paintwork will not only be a productive use of the void period, it will also give you the advantage of a highly presentable property on completion, thus putting you in the best position to get it let quickly and at the best rent possible.

At Lets Decorate we specialise in painting and decorating rental property in Oxford so would be happy to discuss a possible project. We can provide estimates from floor plans and photographs, chat via Zoom, Skype etc and install key safes for key handover, so to eliminate any direct contact.

We also offer our Paint Now Pay Later service to landlords, or standard 60 day payment terms, so you can transform the property, find a tenant and have rent payments coming in before you need to pay us a penny.

I hope this helps clarify things during these confusing times. If you wish to discuss any sort of future project (or even if you want some free advise if you decide to do the painting yourself during lockdown!!) please feel free to call me directly on 07825 212682.

Also, here are some other resources to help you with your painting and decorating project in Oxford:

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